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Script Cmd: TFTP

TFTP [-r:v] {server_ip} | {direction: get | put} {srcfile} {destfile} {mode: netascii | octet}

TFTP SRVRSETUP {enable: on|off} {relative: on|off} {startin directory path}

Transfer a file with the PC being the client.  If first argument is SRVRSETUP, then this command allows the user to configure the TFTP server. 


-r {count}  override the default retry count of 20 for the TFTP client (see below).
-v          enable verbosity.

Regarding TFTP retries: If a response is not received, this client simply retries every 2 seconds (by resending the previously sent packet) until the retry count is reached or the response is received.

Upon completion of the transaction, the shell variables TFTPC_ERRNO and TFTPC_ERRMSG will be set with the error number and (if sent) the error message string respecitvely if the transaction fails for any reason.  They will be cleared if there was no error.