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Script Cmd: BMPVIEW

BMPVIEW [-h:w:l:m:R:rT:t:] {imagefile name} {viewer tag}

Raw bitmap viewer. Currently supports 8-bit grayscale only (more coming). The plan for this command is to support the ability to graphically display the content of an image file. Depending on the mode specified (currently only grayscale), different techniques will be used.

The viewer tag is used to allow the command to display multiple images in multiple viewer windows. The tag represents an instance of a viewer window (currently up to 8 can be set up simultaneously). So, if multiple bitmaps need to be viewed in parallel, then each image should use a unique tag. If the bitmaps are to be displayed sequentially, then reuse the same tag to simply update the content of a previously established viewer window.

For grayscale, the image file is assumed to be the same size as the height*width and each byte represents the grayscale (256 choices) value for the corresponding pixel.


-m cccc       mode to display  (gray8 | rgb)
-h ###        specify the height of the viewer window.
-w ###        specify the width of the viewer window.
-l ###        specify the position of the left edge of the view window.
-R cccc       release the specified viewer tag.
-r            additive level of reduction (-r = quarter, -rr = eighth)
-T cccc       text placed in the titlebar of the viewer window.
-t ###        specify the position of the top edge of the view window.

Note: this command is a work in progress, so report bugs/suggestions as appropriate.