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Script Cmd: CONFIG

CONFIG [-v] {sub-command} [args] ...

This command provides script-based means of making changes to the Config->Miscellaneous dialog; plus some other misc stuff.

-v     enable some verbosity 

Current sub-commands supported:


Syntax: CONFIG achin {all | nonprintables | notcrlf | space} {true | false}
Enable/disable the  various modes for ASCII-coded hex conversion of incoming characters


Syntax: CONFIG color {text | alttext | bkgnd} {R-val} {G-val} {B-val}
Specify the color (RGB) of text, alternate text or background.  The color is specified as a 3-number RGB value where each value ranges between 0 and 255.  For example: CONFIG color text 200 30 30


Syntax: CONFIG dbc {value}
Where 'value' is the new delay-between-chars value (in milliseconds*).  
The old value is stored in the CONFIG shell variable.


Syntax: CONFIG inactivity {MINUTES:SECONDS | MINUTES} [NOSCRIPT | scriptname]
Set up a script that will be invoked in place of the inactivity timeout.
Note: Use menu item Config->Environment->Display to see the state (if enabled) of the inactivity timeout.


Syntax: CONFIG keepalive {MINUTES:SECONDS | MINUTES} {scriptname}
Set up a script that will run periodically.
Note1: Use menu item Config->Environment->Display to see the state (if enabled) of the keepalive timeout.
Note2:  The keepalive script execution will be suspended when comport is disconnected.


Syntax: CONFIG nicinfo
Displays IP address for each network interace on the host system.


Syntax: CONFIG trace {on | off}
on: Turn on script tracing and enable the trace window.  
off: Turn off tracing and disable the trace window.


Syntax: CONFIG restore
If uCon window is minimized, this restores to normal state..  


Syntax: CONFIG minimize
Minimizes the uCon window.  


Syntax: CONFIG txtwin {up | dwn}
Opens (up) or closes (dwn) the Transfer->text dialog box.  


Syntax: CONFIG bringtofront
Bring the uCon window to the front.  

*Accuracy is limited to Windows tick