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Script Cmd: WOL

WOL  [-p:v]  {MAC} {IP}

This command allows the user to send the "wake-on-lan" (WOL) sequence to a specified target.  WOL-capapbility allows a device to go into some level of powerdown mode; only to be remotely woken up by a "WOL" packet.  The WOL packet consists of 6 FF's followed by 16 repetitions of the 6-byte MAC address.  There is no requirement for a particular protocol beyond level 2 Ethernet; so this sequence can be part of any packet.  Typically UDP port 7 is used.  This implementation uses UDP and port 7 by default but the port can be changed on the command line.

-p ##    override default port 7.
-v          enable verbosity.